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How To Trim Dog Nails Safely

Every dog owner should know how to safely trim dog nails. Trimming your dog’s nails is an important task in the dog care schedule. Creating a routine to trim your dog’s nails will improve the overall health of your dog.

Neglecting to Trim Dog Nails

There are some issues that can arise from neglecting to trim your dog’s nails. They can break or tear if you let them grow too long. This can be very painful!

Below we’ve compiled a list of steps to help you correctly trim your dog’s nails. However, we highly recommend you ask your veterinarian how to do this, during your first visit.

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Before looking to trim dog nails, know that you should never cheap out on nail trimmers. Cheap brands will only hurt your dog – as you want a sharp blade that will achieve a smooth cut.

  1. Start by securely holding the nail trimmers in your dominant hand. The last thing you want is to lose grip on the tool if you are mid-cut on the nail.
  2. Gently, but firmly grab your dog’s paw. If your dog has high energy and wants to run, it is recommended that you have another person holding him securely. Use praise to assure your dog everything is okay.
  3. You want to cut the nail underneath and avoid cutting downward. Slide the nail trimmer over the nail while avoiding the pink area – as this part contains blood vessels.
  4. Squeeze quickly to achieve a smooth cut. Make sure the nail does not move right before you squeeze the trimmer.

Remember, less is more. But if you accidentally cut too short, you need to clot the blood immediately. Corn starch can be a powder used to stop the bleeding. Call your veterinarian if the bleeding doesn’t stop within a few minutes.

The Treat Method

Use the treat method if your dog is loaded with energy and tries to move when you hold his paw. First practice without actually trimming your dog’s nails.

Hold the nail clipper in one hand and your dog’s paw in the other. Gently tap on your dog’s nail and wait three seconds. Offer praise, then give him a treat.

You can repeat this process a few times until your dog is comfortable enough and sits still. The last thing you want is your dog to move right before you cut the nail.

Nail Clipper Styles

In order to effectively trim dog nails, the correct nail trimmer must be used.

There are various styles of nail clippers available on the market. Each style has their own benefits, so choose the best one that suits your dog.

Guillotine Style Nail Trimmer:

Just like the name suggests, this style of nail clipper uses one blade. The guillotine style focuses on using a single blade motion to clip the nail. Many believe this is the easiest style to use for smaller breed dogs. If you are interested in the guillotine style nail trimmer, check the price here on Amazon.

Pliers Style Nail Trimmer:

With a pliers style nail trimmer, you will get two blades joining together when squeezing the handle. This style is a better choice if you have a larger breed of dog. If you are interested in the pliers style nail trimmer, check the price here on Amazon.

Scissor Style Nail Trimmer:

The scissor style nail trimmer will feel the most natural in your hand. With the rounded handles, this trimmer is the most versatile. Just remember to select the right size for your dog. If you are interested in the scissor style nail trimmer, check the price here on Amazon.

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