Petcube Bites Pet Camera

Petcube Bites Pet Camera Product Review

Ever wondered what your dog is up to when you’re not home? Let’s face it – you can’t be home every second of the day. Keep reading if you’re a new pet owner and trying to balance your work/social life.

So What’s the Petcube Bites Pet Camera?

The Petcube Bites Pet Camera is a device used for monitoring your pet when away from the house.

More than just a pet monitoring camera, this device allows you to communicate to your pet with your smartphone’s microphone. And you can also reward your pet by tapping a button on your phone to dispense treats.

What’s My Pet Up to Right Now?

Have you ever been at work or out with friends and wondered if your pet was up to trouble? The Petcube Bites Pet Camera is the answer to this nagging question.

This device allows you to monitor your pet from a simple smartphone app. You can even use your phone’s microphone to talk to your pet from the Petcube Bites Pet Camera.

Want to keep him in check? You can reward him with treats remotely by simply tapping a button on your phone. You’ll never have to worry about what your pet is doing while home alone ever again.

Features of the Petcube Bites Pet Camera

  • Treat: Pet camera that dispenses treats for dogs or cats by flinging variable distances, up to 6 feet. High capacity 2 lb container, holds up to 100 treats.
  • Watch: Keep an eye on your pet and home when away with live 1080p HD video, 138॰ degree wide-angle view, night vision, 3x digital zoom.
  • Talk and Hear: get your furry friend off the couch and hear what’s going on with two-way audio and automatic sound-detection alerts.
  • Easy Setup and Maintenance: Access your Petcube via the free Petcube app for iOS and Android. The detachable treat container is dishwasher safe. Mount your pet cam on a wall or place it on a shelf. Wall mounting kit is included.
  • Pets and home security: Automatically saved important moments with built-in motion and sound detection features. Up to 30 days with Petcube Care video cloud recording service subscriptions. All users can save a snapshot of the last 4 hours of activity for free.
  • Wellness(R) treat samples included: Petcube Bites compatible with Wellness Petite Dog Treats and Wellness Kittles Cat Treats.

Get Social

You can also share your pet’s funniest moments thanks to the Petcube Bites Pet Camera Wi-Fi capabilities. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones/tablets via the free Petcube app.

Just set the Petcube on a flat surface or mount it with the included wall mounting kit, plug it in, connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to go.

How many times has your pet done something funny and you weren’t recording it? Now you can share these funny moments with the recording feature and make your pet internet famous!

Is it Worth it?

The simple answer is yes. The 1080p HD video capabilities make this product more than just a pet camera. You can have the peace of mind by seeing what’s going on when away from home. You can strategically place this camera towards a front door or pointed out a window to keep an eye out for intruders.

Your pet will also learn to listen to your voice from the speaker when they have the possibility of being rewarded with a treat. And if you catch your pet up to trouble, you can reprimand him during the act – not hours after when you get home.

If this was a stand-alone treat dispenser, it would not be worth the money. But this device does so much more than that. It’s a complete social network that has the ability to share your pet’s funny moments when away from the house.

Interested? Check out the positive customer reviews on Amazon to learn more.


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