Kong Classic Dog Toy Product Review

The Kong Classic dog toy is one of the most popular and highly rated dog toys on Amazon. With 4.5/5 stars and over 4,100 customer reviews – it’s no secret this Kong Classic dog toy is a major success.

So why is this dog toy so popular? The answer is actually quite simple and I’ve broken it down into reasons why below.

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Unique Design

Unlike traditional products, the Kong Classic dog toy will provide your dog with many different uses. The most popular being the treat stuffed Kong – where you can hide dry or wet dog treats inside. This will provide entertainment for your dog and keep them busy when they are left alone.

When you are with your dog, try playing a classic game of fetch with this toy. The rounded edges on the outside will create some unexpected bounces when contact is made with the ground.

You can also use the Kong Classic dog toy as a traditional chew toy. Just remember to monitor larger dogs with this toy – as some reviews show the material durability results can vary.

Relieves Stress

It’s no surprise that dogs feel anxious only minutes after being left alone from their owner. The Kong Classic dog toy will help solve this problem from its unique design features.

By hiding wet or dry treats inside this toy, your dog will stay busy and distracted from the moment you leave the house. Results may vary, but know that your dog will get more of a challenge if you freeze the treats inside.

Expend Excess Energy

Physical activity is needed for dogs to have a healthy and active lifestyle. However, the realities of work and a busy schedule can decrease the amount of that much needed play time.

For those moments when you need to leave the house, the Kong Classic is a great toy to have around. It will not only keep your dog busy, but create a fun treat finding game.

A dog that has the tools to expend that excess energy will always be more behaved.

Crate Training

This toy can also be used to crate train your dog. Placing your new puppy directly into a crate will cause anxiety and lead to crying, or barking. Slowly introduce the crate to your dog with the Kong Classic.

First give the Kong Classic dog toy to your puppy once inside the crate. He will begin to associate the crate with an enjoyable experience – a fun toy with treats inside.

Once your puppy is done with the Kong, he might begin to feel a little anxious. This is totally normal and he will get used to it as he gets more comfortable with the crate.


Walk into any pet store and you will see this widely popular red, rubber dog toy. This was the first dog toy we picked up for our puppy and she’s loved them ever since.

The Kong Classic dog toy comes in a variety of sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL

Figure out which size is most suitable for your dog, stuff the Kong with treats and watch your dog enjoy the challenge!

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