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How to Deal with a High Energy Dog

Having a high energy dog can be a handful. You might always catch him running around the house or jumping on people. But don’t worry – there are many ways deal with a high energy dog.

Do I have a High Energy Dog?

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of dog breeds in the world. Genetics play a major part in your dog’s lifestyle and the level of activity he needs.

Some dogs are perfectly fine with laying around the house all day. Then there are dogs known for working, hunting, and retrieving. These types of dogs will require more activity.

If your dog always seems to be active, you may have a high energy dog. All dogs will have their “moments” of high energy. But if your dog is constantly running and jumping around the house, you might want to consider some of these tricks to calm him down.

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 How to Deal with a High Energy Dog

There are many ways you can deal with a high energy dog. The solutions presented here can be spilt up into two categories.

They are – physical exercise and mental stimulation. Both are very effective ways that can help your high energy dog let off some steam

Up the Exercise

The first step you should try is simply increasing your dog’s daily exercise amount.

This may sound very obvious, but a short walk for some dogs might not be enough. Or maybe your dog wants to run but doesn’t get many chances to.

Start by slowly increasing the amount of daily exercise for your dog by 5 minutes. Stop once you’ve found that perfect amount of time where your dog does seem tired.

Be careful and aware not to over exercise.

Train for Mental Stimulation

Challenging your dog’s mind is another great way to deal with a high energy dog. It has been proven that mental exercise can tire a dog out more than physical exercise.

Training to increase your body’s physical endurance (like marathon training) will make you a better athlete over time. Mental stimulation can have a similar effect on the mind and leave you just as exhausted.

You can teach your dog new commands or give him a mental stimulation toy. Mental stimulation toys are great to have if the weather is bad and you’re forced to train inside.

So think about teaching him some fun new tricks that will exercise his mind. Dogs love to smell things, so try hiding a toy once he knows its scent.

When dogs use their highly advanced sense of smell, they are getting a source of mental stimulation.

Try New Activities

If all else fails, look to try a new physical activity with your dog. Your dog might be tired with the same old walk around the neighborhood, and his high energy could be from boredom.

Get outside and take your dog on a nice little hike. The new scenery and uphill climb might be just what he needs to relieve all that energy.

You could also look into sports such as dock-diving. Dock diving is exactly what is sounds like – a dog gains speed by running on a dock, then jumps into a pool of water. It’s a super fun way to train your dog a new skill and they can enjoy the big splash at the end!

Agility obstacle courses are another sport you and your dog can try together. Fun little challenges like jumping through hoops or weaving around poles are some obstacles that create mental and physical stimulation.


In the end it’s all about finding what works best for your high energy dog. Now you know that mental and physical stimulation are two ways for your dog to release energy.

Having a high energy dog can be a handful, but the steps here can help you manage him better. So try one example, or try them all! Let us know what works best in the comments below.

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