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Why You Need a Dog Feeding Station

A dog feeding station has three primary uses. You can keep dog food organized with convenient storage space. It’s more accessible for older dogs who have trouble bending over to eat. And it also keeps dog bowls from sliding across the floor during mealtime.

The health of your dog can improve when he doesn’t have to lean over as much while eating. When the dog bowl is off the floor, your pet’s posture is more aligned while eating. As a result, this will help food travel down the esophagus and improve digestion.

What Does a Dog Feeding Station Do?

  • Keep Dog Food Organized
  • Easy to reach food for older dogs
  • Prevents dog bowls from sliding around
  • Helps improve digestion

Dog Feeding Station vs Raised Dog Bowl

So what’s the difference between a dog feeding station and a raised dog bowl? In general, a dog feeding station has more bells and whistles. Many dog feeding stations have drawers and holders for storage purposes. Due to their size, a dog feeding station also resembles more of a piece of furniture.

A raised dog bowl will keep your dog’s bowl in place while eating. It can also help older dogs who have trouble bending over. There’s a greater chance for bacteria growth when dog bowls sit on the floor. This can occur due to moisture buildup.

Automatic Dog Feeding Station

Automatic dog feeders can make meal time super quick and easy. They are electronically programmed machines meant to disperse a set amount of food. These products are great if you’re planning on being away from your house all day.

And if you want to keep your dog on a tight feeding schedule, they can be programmed to feed at specific times. Be aware that automatic dog feeders shouldn’t be a replacement for routine feeding. They can be used on occasion, but a more traditional feeding approach is always the best option.

After all, we all know what happens after dogs eat…right?

Outdoor Dog Feeding Station

Outdoor dog feeding stations have a variety of uses. Maybe you live in a warm climate, where outdoor eating is a part of everyday life. Or maybe you have a surplus of dogs and simply don’t have enough space to keep them inside!

You can build outdoor feeding stations, or order them online. There are many options available that will surly look good sitting in your yard. There’s some that are waterproof, so your dog food will stay dry regardless of the weather. This outdoor dog feeding station is made from cedar and is shipped for you to assemble.

Dog Feeding Station with Storage

Most dog owners are interested in feeding stations because of their storage. It’s very convenient to have your dog bowls and food located in one area. Many feeding stations have drawers or cabinets for you to store dog food and treats.

The most important thing to consider with these feeding stations is height. Your dog will have to reach higher to access his food, with tall cabinets or drawers underneath the dog bowl. Don’t make the mistake of buying a feeding station if your dog can’t reach the bowl.

To figure out the best height, place the dog bowl on a pile of books. From there, you can add more or less books to discover the optimal height. Take note of this measurement (in inches) for when you decide to build, or buy a dog feeding station.

DIY Dog Feeding Stations

Don’t think that you have to buy a dog feeding station. There are many cool DIY options available if you’re more of the handy type. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite DIY dog feeding stations found across the internet.

Click on the links for a more descriptive explanation to these DIY dog feeding stations.

Dog Bowl Chair – (The DIY Village)

If you have an old chair (or chairs) lying around the house, this is the perfect project. Arguably the simplest DIY dog feeding station on this list – as you only need two items for completion. Just cut a hole in the chair and slip the bowl right in! Click here to learn more

Built-in Dog Bowl – (Wouldn’t it be Lovely)

If you’re short on space this is a great option for you. How many times have you kicked over, or stepped in your dog’s bowl? You can avoid that inconvenience by attaching the dog bowl to a wall. This is called the built-in, or free-floating dog bowl. Have more space as a result. Click here to learn more

Vintage Suitcase Dog Bowl (Reallifedog)

If you’re looking for more of a vintage look, the suitcase dog bowl holder is a solid choice. Use an old suitcase or pick one up at a flea market for cheap. House guests will certainly get a kick out of seeing your dog eat from a suitcase! Click here to learn more

Dog Bowl Bucket (Everyday Dishes)

Why have your dog eat from a bowl when he can eat from a bucket? This is a fun take on the raised dog bowl. Pour some sand in the bucket so it doesn’t tip over. Then simply place your dog bowl in the bucket and fill it with food! Click here to learn more

Coca-Cola Dog Crate (Sew Woodsy)

If you love soda this vintage Coca-Cola dog crate will work for you. What’s unique about this dog feeding station is that it has handles. So you can move it around the house with ease. This is a great little crate if you have a smaller dog. Click here to learn more

Dog Feeding Station – Conclusion

We hope this article has helped you learn more about dog feeding stations. Just remember that they’re more than a good looking addition to your house. Your dog will feel better and improve his digestion when eating from an elevated dog bowl.

Why not have some fun with this project and try out one of the DIY options? There are plenty of ways to transform those boring dog bowls into something much more. But we understand if you’re not the handy type. There are plenty of dog feeding stations on Amazon.

Whatever your choice may be – good luck to you!

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