DIY Dog Bed – 7 Household Items You Can Use

Let’s face it – puppies grow fast. And maybe you don’t want to spend $100 on bed your dog will grow out of. So put away that wallet! Below I’ve listed 7 household items you can use as a DIY dog bed right now.

1 – Laundry Basket

diy dog bed

We all have one of these lying around. They come in all shapes and sizes – and the handles make transportation super easy. Fill with old sheets or a pillow and you have a laundry basket DIY dog bed!

2 – Old Dresser Drawer

diy dog bed

Image via Liz Marie Blog

Let’s face it – old furniture is easy to come by. And an dresser drawer is the perfect shape for a DIY dog bed. You can get creative and paint or design the drawer to your liking. Need some inspiration? Check out how Liz Marie made her drawer dog beds.

3 – Crate

diy dog bed

Milk crates are everywhere! You might be more familiar with the plastic version – which works just as well. Try to find some wooden milk crates if you want a more aesthetic DIY dog bed. And remember to stack those blankets so your puppy can climb out!

4 – Old Suitcase

diy dog bed

Image via HGTV

Remember those old leather suitcases that never seemed to fit enough stuff? This gem can be converted into the perfect DIY dog bed. Just separate the suitcase and stuff the larger end with blankets. You could even get creative and add furniture legs (see photo).

5 – Coffee Table

diy dog bed

Image via 86lemons

The coffee table dog bed is the perfect solution for anyone looking to save space. This might be the most convenient and practical DIY dog bed on this list. If you already have a coffee table with a lower shelf all you need to do is add a pillow!

6 – Wooden Pallet

diy dog bed

Image via 101palletideas

If you’re looking for a challenge, this is it. So put on your thinking cap, you’ll need to measure, cut, and sand to make this dog bed. The great thing about old pallets is that most people just want to get rid of them.

7 – Couch Cushion

diy dog bed

So the old couch has seen better days and can’t be salvaged. Not to worry! Take advantage of the best looking couch cushion and use it for a quick DIY dog bed. If you want to get creative you can add fabric around the cushion to give it some color.

DIY Dog Bed Conclusion

There you have it! Seven awesome ideas for a DIY dog bed. Everyone has some old stuff lying around – and if you have one of the items on this list go for it!

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