back to school for dogs

Back to School for Dogs

So you might be thinking… back to school for dogs? Is that even a thing?

Sure it is! Let me explain…

Maybe you want to teach your dog a new command or brush up on an old trick. There’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics after taking the summer off.

Let’s Get to the Classes…

Having a set schedule with activities in different time slots will create consistency. Your dog will learn and study commands each day to become a model student.

This article focuses on different types of classes and activities you can help teach your dog.

So who’s ready to get started?!


It’s a great idea to stimulate your dog’s mind to keep him engaged with the world around him. There are many fun ways to stimulate your dog’s mind with training.

Welcome to our first class – Psychology 101.

Play a fun game of hide-and-seek by hiding your dog’s food or treats. Start off by hiding them in easy spots. Then you can bump up the difficulty level as your dog’s skill level increases.

You can try this activity inside or outside. Try hiding the treats under a box or article of clothing if you choose inside. Make the game more challenging with the limited space you have indoors.

This game may seem simple, but it encourages your dog to problem solve. It’s a good idea to test your dog in new ways and he will always love finding the treats!


Teaching your dog to bark is one of the original dog tricks. Many people believe that teaching your dog to bark can cure a barking problem. Your dog will learn to associate barking with commands given to him.

To teach your dog how to bark, use something that already gets your dog barking. For some this can be knocking on a door or ringing the doorbell.

After ringing the doorbell say “speak” when he bark – then reward him with a treat. Repeat this several times – then try saying “speak” without ringing the doorbell. Reward him with a treat if he barks.

If you have a dog who rarely barks, take note each time he makes the slightest noise. When your dog makes a slight ‘yip’ or a growl, reward him with a treat.

From there you can become more selective by only rewarding him with louder noises he makes. Eventually your dog will learn and build up the confidence to bark on command.


You might be wondering how your dog could possibly learn math. What if I told you it’s not as crazy as it sounds? In fact many people have taught their dog how to count.

You can teach your dog how to count by utilizing the speaking command.

First, have your dog sit on the floor facing you. Next, hold a treat in one hand, while holding the other hand up. Say “speak” and give him a treat when he barks.

Continue to repeat this step – only drop your hand and look away. Reward him with a treat when he barks twice. Ideally he will associate this movement with barking more than once.

You can create different movements for each number (or the number of barks) so he can build up for counting.

Not working? Check out this YouTube video for a different method on teaching your dog how to count.


The best part of the day – am I right? Your dog will want a nice break from all that learning. After hours in the dog classroom he will need to get some fresh air to burn off all that energy.

Some of our favorite recess games include:

– Kickball – with a dog friendly ball

– Tug of War

– Frisbee (it could get chewed up!)

Agility Courses

– Chasing bubbles

– Water games (great for those hot summer days)

– Hiding Toys in the sandbox

These are just some fun recess games for your dog. Just remember hard work gets rewarded!

Back to School for Dogs – Conclusion

Hopefully you enjoyed these fun dog related activities in this article. Your dog is a lot smarter than you think – and these dog classes will set him on a track for success.

Please share this article and prove to your friends that back to school for dogs is a real thing!

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