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6 Healthy Dog Snacks in Your House

What are the best healthy dog snacks? There are many dog snacks on the market labeled as healthy. And while we won’t be knocking any brands in this list, there is something you should know.

When it comes to healthy dog snacks, the best option for your furry friend is always the natural route. That’s why everything on this list we’ve created isn’t processed and doesn’t come in a sealed package.

Healthy Dog Snacks – The List

All of these healthy dog snacks are fruits and vegetables you might even have in your kitchen right now. And remember – none of the items on this list should be a primary source of nutrition for your dog.

So no binge eating a bucket of fruit! Moderation is key when it comes to dietary needs for your dog. Now let’s get to snacking!

1 – Carrots

Who doesn’t love carrots? Carrots are super dog friendly as they are low in calories but high in fiber and vitamins. Snacking on carrots can also be good for your dog’s teeth. Prepare carrots by slicing them thin – to avoid your dog from potentially choking.

2 – Broccoli

Don’t forget to eat your broccoli! Broccoli is a vegetable with low fat, high vitamin C and high amounts of fiber. This is why it ended up on our list of healthy dog snacks. Just remember to give your dog small amounts of broccoli (they don’t need as much as us humans do).

3 – Pumpkin

That’s right, this orange treat isn’t just for the fall. Pumpkin can not only support urinary health, but it’s also a great source of fiber and helps with digestion. This healthy dog snack is also low in calories – which can help if your dog has a weight problem.

4 – Blueberries

The perfect summertime healthy dog snack. Blueberries are not only low in calories, but they also contain a high amount of antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. Feeding your dog a small amount of blueberries can be a tasty snack for both you and your dog.

5 – Apples

Due to the sugar in apples, they can be described as the “sweet tooth” healthy snack. Apples are an exceptional source of vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. Do NOT give your dog a whole apple – as the seeds and stem can be toxic. Make sure to cut the apple in slices so it’s easier to eat.

6 – Green Beans

Green beans are a great healthy snack for your dog and they’re low on calories. You can also feel good knowing that your dog is loading up on iron and vitamins with this snack. You might want to pick up some fresh green beans – to avoid all that added salt.

Get Healthy!

Just remember that providing healthy snacks for your dog is just one part of a well-balanced life. In addition to eating right, your dog should also have a regular exercise routine.

And always remember that moderation is key whenever giving your dog a new type of food. Be sure to monitor him closely and see how he responds. Consult your veterinarian if you have any dietary questions.


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